When I received my first energy transmission from my dearest friend Aksana, it was truly an amazing experience.

It was an amazing experience because I felt connected to the Divine, something I didn’t experience before. I would describe this experience as feeling light, bodiless, calm and serene, I felt blissful.

Once the energy transmission was over, when I woke up, I realized that my mind was calm, the heavy thoughts in my head had disappeared and I felt like a little child who just woke up from a very deep sleep. I did not have any worries, I did not have any daunting thoughts, I felt like I was just born and the world around me was a wonderful friendly place. Once I understood my feelings of serenity, I did not want them to disappear, so I was more thoughtful in what I say, as if my previous reactions were reprogrammed, as if I was in a slow motion observing myself.

So, after this amazing experience, I had signed up for weekly energy transmissions for three months with Aksana Hancharuk, as I wanted to feel strong and connected to the Divine Energy. One important aspect of the energy transmission is a prayer. I prayed for wonderful things to happen in my life; as I was single at that time. I prayed for a friend, a partner, a significant other to step into my life and become a part of it. Well, the amazing things happened, I met a wonderful men and started a wonderful journey with him.

I think the Divine Energy is with us at every moment of our awareness. Our awareness and gratitude gives us an understanding of essence of being connected. Yet the Divine Energy is not material, it pays great dividends of joy, happiness and fulfillment; it reminds us of a great gift of life, which we should cherish every day.