Questions frequently asked by our customers

How can Life Force Energy benefit me?

People who have received these life changing energy transmissions report a number of very positive outcomes. Some note better sleep, greater freedom from fear of the future, increased financial rewards, healing of physical ailments, increased mental alertness, and higher energy levels to mention a few. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits people report is finding their purpose in life. This transformative energy is very intelligent and it will address the most important matters in one’s life in any given moment, so as to connect you more powerfully toward your unfolding journey.

Are my claims valid?

My ability and success in transmitting this energy has been proven in a science laboratory under the strictest of modern scientific methods .

Who can benefit from my energy transmissions?

Anyone wishing to enhance their life and who is open to transformation can benefit from my energy transmissions. Although each individual’s experience is different anyone of any age, race and gender can realize a variety of positive experiences.

How often do I need to receive energy transmissions?

Once you receive these energy transmissions this energy which is never ending and boundless will continue working for you because your relationship to the God of your understanding will deepen and grow. The more transmissions you receive the faster you will transform.

How long does it take to feel the benefits of energy transmissions?

The speed with which these benefits are realized varies from person to person. Some benefits are realized immediately while others take more time. The process of transformation is not an event but a process. How you receive and individuate the benefits will be unique to you and your receptivity to change.

What do I have to do to be ready for energy transmission.

You need to enroll in the event. At the agreed time you have to find quiet surroundings, say a prayer to the God of your understanding, calm your mind and relax. This energy is transmitted through powerful thought intention and is very intelligent. It will penetrate you and do its work at the point of your greatest need.

What is my repsonse to the energy transmission?

Everyone’s responses are different but generally people report feeling refreshed and more energized after a transmission. People frequently note that they are sleeping more deeply and often they feel happier and look brighter.

Can I receive the energy transmission remotedly?

Yes, this energy is very intelligent and can be transmitted remotely as it is transmitted through powerful thought intention. All science experiments performed under the Trivedi auspices, in which I participated, were performed remotely where the energy was transmitted from the sender on one continent to the recipient(s) on another.

Can energy transmissions serve as a substitute to my doctor's prescription?

Even though many physical mental and emotional benefits are reported, this is not a substitute for medical orders or prescriptions.

What if I do not feel any different after the energy transmission?

This does not mean that the energy is not working. Sometimes results are immediate and sometimes they take longer to manifest. Once this energy starts working it is deliberate and accurate and continues fulfilling its intended purpose. As Mr. Trivedi notes, ‘this is a process and not an event’ so experiencing results may occur at any time.

What is the Trivedi Effect?

The Trivedi Effect is a phenomenon that activates living and nonliving things when focused upon, to achieve their highest potential. This energy emanates from the divine Source and it’s has life transforming powers elevates the subject to attain its highest purpose and potential in creation. The Trivedi Effect is a powerful Life Force that positively binds people to each other, themselves and to the world around them.