About Us

I strive every day to be a true channel for Divine Grace. I approach each divine connection with profound love, gratitude and commitment. It is a great responsibility and a privilege to be a conduit of divine energy.

I am very caring about my clients. I love to experience the healing and a profound shift in my clients. Spirituality, love and compassion are my believe system in my work.

I am really fortunate to be a Trivedi healer and very grateful to my Master, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi.

Aksana Hancharuk was born a natural healer with high intuition, sensitivity to other people’s energies and psychic abilities. From the early years Aksana had the urge to help people heal. This calling made her learn many different approaches in traditional and alternative medicine. Aksana traveled the world searching for more knowledge of natural wisdom, healers, Gurus and was trained in many healing modalities and techniques by top transformational leaders and healers. Her life became a real spiritual journey. Aksana has been searching for the truth, transformation and connection to Divine all the time until she finally found that connection when she met Guruji Mahendra Trivedi in 2009, in Chicago, IL, when he just arrive from India to USA, she had her first Energy Transmission from Guruji.

The effect was something she never experienced before. Right after one energy transmission she felt relieved, refreshed, energized, happy and completely stress free. She couldn’t believe that one session could be so life changing.

At this moment she realized that she found what she was looking for her entire life. Instantly she wanted more of this divine connection and committed to constantly receive these energy transmissions. Feeling so fortunate to meet such a gifted Master, Aksana became a true follower of Mahendra Trivedi’s teachings and Trivedi Effect organization.

Guruji has the unique ability to harness the energy from the universe and transmit it to living organisms or non-living materials anywhere in the world. Guruji’s abilities were tested in 4,000 scientific studies with world-renowned scientists and research institutes in human health and many other areas. This Divine energy is intelligent and able to bring dramatic results in people’s lives on every level. This phenomenon is called The Trivedi Effect® and has unlimited potential.

In 2011 Aksana joined the Trivedi Healers Mastery program and her spirituality took a huge leap forward. She continued her transformation and developed her gift of harnessing Divine Life Force. Over these years her connection to Divine grew through the continual transmissions and due to being in this program and getting focused attention of Guruji. She attained the gift to harness the energy of the Universe and transmit to living and nonliving organisms anywhere in the world. She started working with clients, transmitting the energy of Life Force. Her clients frequently report transformations on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Many express improvements in the level of energy, increasing ability to focus, feeling positive, inspired, elevated, and experiencing deeper connection with the God of their understanding.

In 2016 Aksana along with group of Trivedi Healers participated in a group study that validated the ability of Trivedi Healers to harness, transmit and infuse Divine energy into living and non-living substances remotely from everywhere around the world. A multi-million dollar research institute with the most modern technologies conducted the research and everyone’s ability has been scientifically tested, measured, documented in international, peer reviewed scientific journals.
Energy transmissions were sent to magnesium, zinc, selenium and ashwaganda samples. Then these samples were tested on male Sprague Dawley mice in control and treated groups. The lab results showed a 124.7% increase in primary antibodies of the animals treated by Trivedi healing masters as compared to antibodies in the control group.
Please see the results of their work on Science page.

This successful group experiment lead Aksana to participate in a Skin Health research that validated her own unique abilities. From her home, in USA, Aksana transmitted Divine energy remotely into a herbo-mineral formulation and cell culture medium in laboratory of Dabur Research Foundation, near New Delhi, India. The Biofield Energy Treatment was administered for 5 minutes through Aksana’s unique Energy Transmission process remotely to the test samples under laboratory conditions.
Increase in collagen level by 64.58%, hyaluronic acid level increased by 183.6%, decreased level of melanin synthesis by 65.3%, cells proliferation 201.14%, cells vitality 29.64%

The goal of this study was to evaluate the herbomineral formulation treated with Trivedi Effect on various skin health parameters using various skin cell lines. The result shows the evidence of Aksana’s ability to change the molecular level of herbs and minerals by connecting its to Divine source. The impact of the energy is anti-wrinkling, skin-whitening, anti-aging, and rejuvenating action. It can improve the overall skin health care against many skin disorders. These results has been published and now available in websites libraries of many universities all over the world.
Having completed all studies and experiments, Aksana now has a total of 11 papers written and published in peer-reviewed science journals and on academic websites

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Aksana is thrilled to be a part of Trivedi organization and with the Trivedi Effect to be of service to bring the benefits of transformation to all lives on our planet.

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