What is the purpose of our life?

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What is the purpose of our life?

Why we are here? We are here to experience the God in every moment of our life! Living our life we often forgot who we are and we got lost in myriads of different situations and labyrinths of our life. We are going faraway from our true self, from our connection, the connection to the God of our understanding. The connection of God is our Life Force that we cannot live without.

If this connection is lost or very week we cannot experience our life in full. Our life becomes very poor, if we don’t have our purpose. The purpose is to live the life as a Higher-self, as a Soul.
We need to be connected. The connection to Divine will make your life completely full of light and your Divine purpose will be founded since that.

Until the time you find your connection, you don’t know your purpose, you cannot find yourself, you have many questions.

Once you Divinely connected your spirituality will grow fast. You become in service of God’s Energy, you become sincere, you become humble. It will allow this flow to get stronger and stronger. The energy will remove all the obstacles keeping you from the light. You will stop listening your mind, that gives you many problems, you will start listening your heart. You will start feeling your Soul.
When your conscious is aligned with your Soul, with your true nature, then this beautiful connection starts to work fully in your totality. Then you become extension of God’s energy and you will change your life and the lives of other people.

Change your live and be the Light, be what you are truly are.

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